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The Neuromusic Community (researchers, clinicians, therapists, educators and musicians) is invited to submit proposals for the Workshops.
Proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and selected on the basis of merit, interest to the research community and relevance to the overall focus of the conference.
The Scientific Committee may ask groups to combine proposed workshops if appropriate, in order to allow for a wider representation of the Neuromusic community.
Speakers’ benefits: the registration fee will be waived for speakers and chairs of the selected symposia/workshops, and accommodation will be provided at the Marina Congress Center. A contribution towards travel expenses will depend on the availability of grants and sponsorships.
Proposals should be sent by filling in the respective forms by 30 September, 2023.
Please see below for the specific requirements of Workshops.

Keeping in mind the conference theme of “Wiring, re-wiring, and well-being”, proposals should aim at organizing a meeting where discussion on a specific theme and proposed activities are balanced.
Discussion can be aimed at the subthemes of the conference, as well as basic themes, such as research methods, instruments, biases, surveys etc.
Activities would be guided by questions and answers, group activities, demonstrations, etc.
Any speaker can only be included in one workshop.
Senior post-doctoral fellows (but not PhD students) may be included as workshop speakers/organizers.
Each Workshop may involve 2 to 3 speakers (including the chair) and the whole workshop including activities and discussion should not exceed 1 hour.

Proposals should include:
a. Title and aim of the Workshop in relation to the conference theme (description: max. 250 words) briefly describing the content discussion and the proposed activities, specifying the technical requirements, if any. A suggestion for the maximum number of participants would be appreciated.
b. Confirmation of each speaker’s availability (on-site presentations are strongly preferred – please specify for each speaker)